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AMMA INTUITIVE ENGINEERING, LLC was founded by Mariola Sullivan, PE.  

Mariola spent her first 25 years of professional engineering practice progressing through design, then project management of a wide range of vertical and horizontal construction projects (both small and multi-phase/multi-million dollar) and finally turned her attention to building codes.  Her work history includes projects and services for federal and municipal governments, as well as, for private industries.  She has experienced every task in project development, from start to finish.  Prior to launching her company, she has been sought out to act as an engineering consultant in NY, AZ, NM, TX, WA and OR and has lectured on the subject of building codes in several states. She now continues to provide such engineering and educational services through Amma Intuitive Engineering.

          •Licensed Professional Engineer in Oregon, No. 94313

          •Licensed Professional Engineer in Washington, No. 20105397

          •Licensed Professional Engineer in Texas, No. 98806

          •Licensed Professional Civil Engineer in Arizona, No. 43849

          •Certified Safety Assessment Program Coordinator & Evaluator, Cal OES, No. 74548

          •ICC Building Plans Examiner, No. 8001150-B3

          •LEED Green Associate, No. 10753265

AMMA INTUITIVE ENGINEERING, LLC commits to our customers that we will provide engineering solutions that are cost-sensible, best-fit, sustainable and socially-responsible. We believe that the best things are generated when collaborative partnerships are formed. Mariola Sullivan brings to the team a synthesis of all of her experiences in every aspect of project planning, design, and delivery to assure that this is exactly what happens. 


AMMA INTUITIVE ENGINEERING, LLC is ready to be YOUR partner throughout the entire project development process.


*  Our unique 360-view approach enables us to find the right solutions for our clients.  


*  Our methodical designs and construction documents enable smooth plan reviews and permit acquisitions, providing easy-to-find information for the contractors. 


*  Our quick turn-around times and competitive rates allow the projects to stay on track to honor cost and schedule commitments.  


*  Our attentive process strives to greatly reduce change orders and subsequent unplanned expenses.  

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